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Hi, welcome to the Snake Hero: Speed Battle testing family

Create legendary hero and dive into fantasy RPG adventure in SNAKE HERO: Speed Battle. Collect powerful shield, bomb,..; compete in league, complete quests. End this offline game rapidly and become a nimble hero! Battle many different monsters with short gun, bomb, and great sword in this snake-style game. Speed game with character creation! ◆ Many heroes selections ◆ Dynamic hero upgrade system ◆ Hundreds pieces of powerful gear & full character customization BE SKILLFUL ON YOUR FIGHT! Be a conscious warrior to guess the way that enemies will come then defeat them. After collecting each of heroes. They will become a long league as a classical snake, shooting gun, using archery and fire bomb to kill monster automatically. But you need to move carefully, because if the head warrior of guild is died, your turn will be finished. Loot, craft, upgrade and make your friends jealous! ◆ Collect legendary loot and upgrade your hero ◆ Equip health, speed, shield and summon another hero whenever you need for your fighter ◆ Pass all maps, complete all quests to get many achievements ✔️ FUNCTION: - 3 maps to play with 3 modes Easy, Hard, Extremely hard - 4+ heroes with special skills as cowboy, witch,… - Collect super useful items when finishing each turn - Variety of quests and rewards - The offline game, doesn’t need network connecting, cute game, you can play anywhere - Manipulate one-touch combat easily >> ARE YOU READY TO BECOME THE NIMBLE HERO IN SNAKE HERO: Speed Battle?

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